Sunday, April 19, 2009


Case #1:
This wild child is a celebrity.
She has done some work, and I loved her as a child actress.
Less work recently, but then, the rumors of nose candy are swirling again.
The point is, she has worked to be famous.  
I get it.  Kind of.

Case #2:
This princess has done nothing short of s few skanky Carl's Jr. ads.
It just goes to show that money can in fact buy anything.
Did you know that the word "Celebutant" was coined for her?
I don't get it, really.

Case #3:
This...this...well, what do I call her?
Of course she falls into the category of celebutant, but really!
Do you know what her claim to fame is?
Her father successfully defended the piece of human waste that is O.J. Simpson.
Yep.  That is it.
I don't get it.   At all.


Kris said...

Please don't send me on that kind of search again. That was so pornish. what if my kids had been hangin over my shoulder!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Ugh... and I don't get it either.

Trish said...

haha, funny thing is that I knew who each of them was without even clicking on teh link. Then I clicked on the links to see what Kris was talking about!

Lula! said...

Like your sister, I didn't have to clicky...
Lindsay HOhan (yep, I do call her that!)
Paris Make Me Wanna Puke at the Hilton
Kim Baby Got Back Kardashian

It is sad, sad, sad that I know this.

Must go cleanse my reading God's Word...praying...picking daisies...skipping through the fields...

Elena said...

Kris's comment is SO funny! (And true.) So sad that these girls are so....well skanky. And I'm glad you gave us the background to #3, because I've ALWAYS wondered how and why she got famous. But had no desire to look it up and figure it out.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

their just trash with money!!!(daddy's money, they've probly never worked a day in their lives)