Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Own Private Version Of Hell.

Alternately titled; Spring Break, Day 5
I have 2 of my own versions of Hell. One is to take 5 children into Costco. The other is Chuck E. Cheese. However, the second is tempered by the fact that it is mid-week, mid-day, and all our neighboring school districts are already done with spring break.

This mornings jobs were to clean the pigsty school/craft room, living room, front entry hall, dining room, kitchen, and back entry/ mud room. We hadn't cleaned the kitchen since we came home from camping on Monday night. Yuck.

So, after a morning of slave laborcleaning the downstairs portion of our gi-huge-ic house, we were off. My sister in law is a store manager for a certain national chain that has a red bird for it's mascot. She gave my dad a stack of coupons for free kids meals that he could give to the kids who come to his office. Or his grand kids. Whatever. We got the hook up on 5 free kids meals. I wish I could still order off the kid's menu.

After lunch we went to Chuck E. Cheese. Which I call Chuck E. Hell. And my four year old corrects me every time, "It's Chuck E. Jesus!" Wow, talk about opposite ends of the spectrum.

I should have been gambling today because I hit the jackpot on 3 different games. My kids got some cheap crap made in China nice prizes.

So, I spent $0 on my kids' lunches (Somewhat more on mine), and $20 for 200 tokens in Hell. That works out to $4 per child. Nice!

Just wait until you hear what tomorrow's jobs are...

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mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I agree, Chuck E. Cheese is my version of hell on earth.