Friday, June 6, 2008

PTA Dance

So, unlike my sister, Trish who was the PTA TREASURER this year at her son's school, I didn't even join the PTA. But I did partake of their really cool end of the year dance. My kids always look forward to this thing. Last year it was a pirate theme, and the year before that it was a masquerade. This year it was a bona fide hoe down. My kids had a BLAST. We got there at 6:30 and closed the place down at 9.

Here are some pictures of my lil' doggies.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Sharpies? This is today's shirt.

I don't really love the littlest one the best, I just have to keep him with me...
And I don't really love the middlest one the least, she just wouldn't hold still long enough to be photographed.

Well, we're plumb tuckered out now, and we're gonna mosey on to bed now, but 'fore we do, y'all wanna give us a big "Yee-haw"?

Y'all Come Back now, ya hear?


lee ann said...

So much fun! I love a good hoe-down.

mer said...

Seriously FUN! Our PTO had a hoe-down last year and it was awesome! Did you do the cotton-eyed-joe dance??

Oh, don'ty worry, I have three kids and I've never (ever) joined PTO. I did go to one meeting. It was my first...and my last. Way too political for me!

Enjoy your weekend.

Kat said...

Didn't join the PTA? :-) I'm on the PTA...and our school has the distinguished "award" for getting 100% participation for the 29 years the school has been in existence. Yep, we're really shi-shi :-)

Looks like the dance was mucho fun! (And thanks for coming by to introduce yourself!)

Carrie said...

Love the pictures of your kids, I popped over from the SITS blog roll to say hi!

Heather said...

So much country goodness!! Yeeeeee haw!!!

christie said...

You've got some lookers...adorable children!
Now, did you decorate your daughter's shirt with a sharpee?