Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Have Your People Call My People

OK, I made it through my 15 minutes of fame. I'm still the same girl- really. Lest you think I have been resting on my laurels, let me assure you I have not.

Sunday was a fine father's day. We met my parents at a new park that has a spray area. It was a great day for the kids to get wet. We gave Sebastian a basket of all of his favorite things to eat. He got: expensive cheese, Argentinian wine, fresh bread, and truffles. He always says that all you need in life is good bread, good cheese, good wine, and good chocolate. I also made him this:

Each of the kids gave him their arrow and I was standing behind him with the quiver. He scratched his head and said, "Now all I need is one of those holders- a watchmacallit."

A quiver.

Monday was spent with My friend Kelly. Thanks for the armoir and the TV, Kell.

Yesterday I ran around behind my two 2nd graders, kindergartner, and 3 year old at field day for 3 hours. We actually had to pop back home for longer pants and jackets because it was only 53 degrees outside! It was WAY boring- except the part where I dunked the principal in the dunk tank. I'm really glad I hit it on the second ball or I would have looked REALLY stupid.

Today I need to get ready because we a re having a "Last Day Of School" party tomorrow and in the evening I am having a Princess House party. Wanna come?

Maybe life will equalize soon. Maybe. Maybe not.


Lula! said...

Officially RSVPing to the princess party. Can I wear my crown?

Debbie said...

So that's where you've been! I was getting worried that all that new found fame sent you packing on to bigger and better things! I love the bow and arrow thing...and I doubt things will slow down at your house...with five kids and all!

mer said...

Awww, I love field day, and yep, it was cold here yesterday too.

I hope you enjoy your party(s) and especially your last day of school. woohoo!

Heather said...

Princess House is supposed to be good stuff. I've never been to one, but heard about them. Did the kids attach a message to their arrows?? That's a really cute idea.

Karen said...

Yes I'm coming to the party!!!
It has the title party, and I want to see your new stuff from Kelli!