Friday, March 7, 2008

Since you've been waiting SO patiently

I know everyone is dying to see my 5 good pictures from Romania- but my scanner isn't working properly so I still have to figure out how to get them up.
Instead I'm going to show you what I can do.
My friend Karen moved SO FAR AWAY, and she used to be in charge of cutting hair for us. Well it is kinda hard to mesh our schedules now- and my boys were about 2 months overdue for haircuts. Karen came over as a side trip from one of her errands the other day and gave me a 15 minute tutorial. She cut Jonah's hair while I watched closely. She also explained the nuances of Caleb's hair to me- explained how to blend it and all.
When Caleb came home from school I grabbed his little helmet-hair self and gave him a hair cut. My hands were shaking so much that I couldn't do the blending, but for the first time, not so bad- and free, too!

Ok, there is that spot in the back that I don't love, but his hair grows SO fast that I can fix it soon.

And now I am going to add 2 more since he was being such a goofball about getting his picture taken!

Aren't you proud of me?


Lee Ann said...

Way to go! I trimmed my kiddo's but she cried the whole time :-(

Freaky thing! I dreamed last night that I was reading your blog and you brought home a black lab from Romania. You had pictures of it sitting so proudly in its own seat. I just couldn't believe they let you bring one of those stray dogs out of the country, on the plane and into our country no questions asked. And its own seat!

So glad to read that wasn't true, but how WEIRD I would dream that. I must really be anticipating these pictures. How 'bout just some story to satisfy me?

Gina said...

yeah, that's kinda wierd- but I've had my share of weird ones lately. What do I look like in your dreams? Please tell me I'm skinny!