Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Need A Wife!

I spent yesterday doing MOPs stuff. The whole day. I started with a committee meeting from 9:30 to 12:00. Then a friend surprised me by stopping over for lunch- take out menu in hand! After that I did cold-calling to solicit donations for our upcoming auction. Then it was time for my kids to come home from school. At this point I had to dress Jonah because the girls had to be run to Little Cheer. After I dropped the girls off I made dinner and then went and picked up a couple of donation items, went to the b-ball game, and watched my girls do their thing.

So, I was lamenting to my friend at lunch that I needed a maid. You know, so I could devote my time to the truly important stuff. She tells me I don't need a maid, I need a wife. Yeah, a wife. Someone who is just there to clean up behind me as I go and I don't PAY her! Good idea.

EDIT: I wrote this some time ago, but as you just read it was a very busy time. It is timely now because I am gearing up for my last Special Tuesday- Ever ( but that's a different post). Jesse, of course, pointed out the fallacy of my thinking. "Mom," He said, "If you get a wife, then she's gonna need a wife, and then her wife will need a wife- it's gonna get pretty crowded here pretty fast!"


Trish said...

Why is it your last special Tuesday ever?? Get postin.........

Yes, it would be crowded, just get a maid..

Kris said...

Or a Manny!