Sunday, March 9, 2008

Now for the funny part.

Now that I've bragged about Abby, I will tell you the funniest story....

To say that Abby is strong willed would be an understatement. She had a rough start to her kindergarten year. I warned her teacher that she would test her at every twist and turn, until she (the teacher) established herself as the clear winner. Well this child balked at the classroom door everyday for a month- and her sweet teacher let her sit outside the door until she was ready to come in every day for a month. Finally the teacher called me for help and we talked about steps and consequences. So for the next month the child sat in the "solution room" every morning until she was ready to join her class. I finally asked the principal, who is about 6' 4" and about 300 lbs to put on his "Big Scary Principal Face" the next time an opportunity arose. Then suddenly she decided to go to class. I was in utopia for about a week, and then I got this call from the principal...

"Hey, Gina. This is Victor. When you get in could you pop over to the office (Remember, we share a fence with the school.)? I've had Abigail in here since about 1:00. Thanks."

So, I popped over to the office to pick up my delinquent child and to get the story on the situation.

It had started innocently enough. She was lining up to come in from recess and happened to kick a rock as she went. The rock happened to peg a little boy right between the legs. The little boy told the playground supervisor who asked Abigail to apologize. Well, in a 5 year old mind, if it was an accident then there is no reason to apologize. We're still working on that one. She refused was taken to the solution room and sent straight to Victor per our conversation. All the child had to do was sit in his office and contemplate an apology and then go back and apologize. Not Happening! So she sat. And sat. And sat. For. Two. Hours. That. Stubborn. girl. Sat.

I brought her home, sat her on her bed, brought her down for dinner after the family ate, and then put her to bed. No Words.

The next day she went to school, apologized, and we haven't even had a sideways hiccup since then.

Fast forward to February when we were gone for an entire month. When I got home from my trip I opened the mail and found out that she was being honored as student of the month.

Ok, here's how my brain works:

  • Child has a horrible start

  • Child leaves school for a month

  • Child is suddenly student of the month for Kindergarten

  • Hmmmm

I know, funny, huh?

But it gets better!

Later that evening, as her daddy is cooing over her achievement, he asks her, "Abigirl, how do you get to be student of the month?"

With a dead serious face she says, "Well dad, you have to start out really horrible...."

Unfortunately that's all I heard of her answer because just that much had me rolling on the floor in hysterics!


Anonymous said...

She said the same thing to me when I was telling her how proud I was of her. Actually what she said was,"Yeah grandma, first I was the worst kid in school and now I am the best!!"

Trish said...

Every student is a great student when they are absent!

I am sure that is just what she needed to ensure that the rest of the year is wonderful! She'll be great from here on out. Great job Abby!