Monday, November 14, 2011


I had a moment today.
It was a normal day full of the usual activity; I went here, I did that, I was late for the other. I came home to a houseful of children. There were my 6, the 2 I babysit, and 2 from down the road. Someone is having a birthday tomorrow, so I baked her a cake. I did dishes, I washed counters, I frosted a cake, I hugged a crying child, I sent a cake home with the birthday girl, I warmed up a big pot of soup, fed it to all the kids- even the baby who has decided to protest his dinner as a nightly occurrance.
And through it all, I breathed in gratitude. So thankful to be in a home that is crazy, filled to the gills with people and all their mess. So glad to have people and relationships, love and contentement.
Yep, it feels good.