Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey! Those Are My Kids You're Talking About!

Today I received the best e-mail mama can get. I am busting my buttons with pride over my kids. Wanna read it?

Mr. and Mrs. Gae,

I feel so fortunate to have Ella and Caleb in my sixth grade classes; they are exceptionally kind, gentle, curious and helpful. Oh and very bright too! The physical resemblance to Jesse was unmistakable with their big beautiful eyes. Each day they make me smile and I am a happier teacher knowing these fine role models are in my classroom demonstrating a yearning to learn and an appreciation for their education. Parenting is a natural calling for you as all of your children are cool people and good for this earth! I don't know how you manage a household with all those children, but they are amazing!! Congratulations! Perhaps you could write a guide to assist other parents!!


Ms. Brule'

Oh, yeah, Baby!


Gina said...

There are no plans for a book just yet. Well, maybe "101 Ways To Mess Up Your Kids."

Elena said...

Way to go momma! Those are the best kinds of notes to get. Not like the one I got..."It seems your son has lost a lot of ground in reading. It's as if he hasn't read for 3 or 4 months." Why don't you just go ahead and say it..."You're a crappy mom and didn't read with your kid all summer long." Sigh...

Anonymous said...

How awesome- that must have made you proud!!!

Lee Ann said...

Oh man that's so cool! Awesome that you are parenting amazing little ones, and awesome too that she took the time to tell you that!