Sunday, January 10, 2010

The One About Eating Northern California

What do you say when your husband calls on Christmas eve and asks if you want to go to California? You say, "Of course," Right?
So, what if he says, "Do you want to go Tomorrow?"
Do you say yes?
Well I did- because I'm crazy like that.
We had Christmas dinner at my house, packed, and then left for California. At Midnight. So our kids would ride quietly- asleep.
We got to Fairfield, California at noon on the 26th. And stopped at the Jelly Belly factory. And ate lots of Jelly Bellys. Lots.

We went to Chevy's. they used to have those here. Sadly, they don't any more.
We ate a lot. A lot more.

The next day we went to San Fransisco. And ate at the Boudin Sourdough Company. On the way home we ate IHOP. We also got to go see Yosemite.
Where we ate out of our cooler.
But did stop to buy hot chocolate.
When it was time to go home we stopped for one more lunch at Chevy's- because it was that good.
We drove back to fairfield and went to the Budweiser factory- and tasted some beers.
Then we found out that I-5 was closed at Shasta due to severe snow storms. The only way for us to get home was to drive up the coast. So we headed west to Petaluma- where we had dinner at In&Out Burger.
We drove all night and hit Vancouver, WA at 9:30. We stopped to see some good friends- and breakfast was ready- and we were hungry!

We ended up having Applebee's for dinner that night.

So, how about you? Do you ever just take off at the drop of a hat?
Have you ever eaten an entire state?


Kat said...

I have never done something that spontaneous. At least not that I can recall. And not since kids. But I love that you did. And you got to go to In N Out Burger. I wanted to go there when we were in Vegas...but it was not in the stars (or on the strip).

I am guessing ya'll don't do the Santa thing or a Christmas day trip wouldn't have happened!

Lee Ann said...

That is AWESOME!!!! I would SO do that. My hubby? not.

Momma Nut said...

I've never had the chance to be that spontaneous but I would jump at the opportunity if my husband called and suggested that. Go, you!

Lula! said...

yesterday my husband said, "Let's go to Disney World on March 5."

Which is seriously last minute for Disney. So I booked it all--tickets, room, airfare--over about a 30 minute time period yesterday afternoon.

Hey, we're going to Disney. Wow. Who knew?

p.s. You've made me wanna visit SanFran again. It's been 7 years since we were there and I long to return...

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

It all sounds like SO much fun! We take spontaneous 2-3 hour trips across the state line and spend the night then come back, but nothing like all of the adventuring you did on this one. I think my babies are a bit too young at this point. But we were just talking about how different thing will be in about three years. The last jump-in-the-car-at-midnight-and-drive-across-two-state-lines-in-a-snow-storm was when I went into labor and had to drive to another house to give birth. LOL