Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Book Of Eli

I am a huge movie person (I'm not huge, I enjoy movies hugely), but I always worry when Hollywierd does any treatment of Christianity.

Have you ever seen the movie Saved!

How about The DaVinci Code?

Having said that, I went to see The Book Of Eli last night.

While there are some things I disagree with doctrinally, it treated Christianity and more specifically, the Bible, with respect. Denzel Washington plays the part of The Walker- and he plays it exceptionally well.

The movie is well written, well acted, and has a surprise ending.

There is even a pretty girl in the movie who looks a bit like Baby Angelina- before she ruined her lips.

If you are a huge movie person, I recommend seeing this one.

***These movies were respectful, but so poorly acted that they were not taken seriously by the mainstream. And I do not say that lightly, as I have the greatest respect for Kirk Cameron, and the stand he has taken for purity and integrity.


Gramma 2 Many said...

Others have said it is worth going to see. Knowing me, I will wait for the DVD to come out next week.

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

I too will wait for the Dvd, but Denzel is worth seeing it for! I think I have seen something where he professed his faith in Christ. One of those news magazine type shows.
Oh, and I loved the left behind movies, have they ever finished the series?
Lava ya

Trish said...

I have read/heard that this is a very good movie but, alas, I to shall wait for it to come out on DVD.....only because I HAVE TO!

Kat said...

We almost went to see it last weekend but EW had given it a D. Is it really good? Is it gross?

And is it bad that I LOVED "Saved??" I just thought it was funny.

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Gina, thanks so much for sharing this. We live in a very small town with only one theater for hours. And it only has three rooms for movies in it, so there's little to choose from. This is one that's showing this weekend and so we were thinking about going.

Almost any time it comes to a book or movie that covers anything doctrinal or religious, I try to take it for what it is. Now I'm looking forward to this one. We hardly ever get to go on a date, so YAY!


Kathi said...

Thanks for the review Gina. I'll probably see it. Kathi

Frizzy said...

Haven't been sure if I want to see it because it looks a bit violent no matter what the message. Your thoughts?

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

I just used google translate to see what your Chinese comment said, I think they like to look at your blog to enhance their mood and to refuel...(Look at the blog to adjust mood, but also to continue to work, we refuel .........................)

Anonymous said...


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'd go see it because Denzel is in it. It helps if it's good! Actually, this is one that my husband really wants to see. I suppose I'll tag along. ;)

I think Saved! is hilarious. Disresptectful, but hilarious.

And I'm a huge movie person too. My most recent fave (on dvd) is Whip It. Have you seen it?

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