Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ruining The Track Record

I have 5 kids.
I have been to the E.R.
I've been with a baby in tow when my 10 year old fell head first off the half wall onto the stairs below.
I've been in the middle of the night when the same child had a croup attack badly enough to make us call the neighbor and head out in the snow.
I've made appointments to have various items removed from facial orifices.
I've had an infant taken from the doctor's office to the Critical Care unit for pneumonia and RSV.
I've left church for stitches at the walk in clinic.
I've forgone stitches for butterflies.
But NEVER in my mommy career had I needed to call 911- until Tuesday.
Hello. My name is Gina. I'm a bad mom.
Hi Gina.

We have a prune tree. It's a nice tree. The prunes are really yummy, and we have been snacking on them for weeks. The kids have been moving higher and higher into the tree in their quest for the purple-black goodness. See:

But look again:

That's about 15 feet up. He's about 3 feet tall. He is 4 times over his head and more than twice over mine. And I mentioned the kids climb this tree. I do not. As nice and plummy as it is, it will not support me. I also couldn't find a ladder tall enough to get him down. Somehow he has gotten all the way out to the end of the branches- wearing his "new" camo rubber boots- that are 3 sizes too big for him and afford very little hold on the tree branch. Needless to say, he was not getting back. Enter 911.
I have mentioned I live in a small town, right? See this guy? Our families hang out. We barbecue. His wife does my hair. They go rafting with us. Um, yeah. "Hi, Officer Brian."

Luckily, the day before at preschool, they had a fire safety talk and had met a fire man. The fire man said that when a fire man comes to get you you go right to them. Good thing, because he knew exactly what to do.
It was all fun and games until he was safely on the ground.
Blew my track record right out of the water.


Trish said...


I laugh becuase he was safe......and it is just plain funny and not the least bit suprising. I just can't believe that you made it to your 5th!

Finnskimo said...

That WAS funny.

I live in the land of no trees, so when I was about four, I saw a tree in Anchorage at my grandparent's house and my grandpa said, "we climb trees Maija!"

So, when I was playing out...I climbed it. To the TOP. It was about 20-25 feet up. They had to break out the ACTUAL FIRE department truck and drive over to get me out of it.

Needless to say, he cut that tree down the next day...and the stump still stands there today to remind kids from the treeless village, NOT TO CLIMB TREES!


Tell your son I said, WELCOME TO THE CLUB!

Kat said...

Oh my! Was he scared up there??

You are not a bad mom at all. You just have plum happy children :-)

Kris said...

Actually, that's pretty good considering your parents had 2 of their 6 fall out of trees!

Elena said...

OH my! I can not stop laughing!! So so so funny. Glad every one came out safe.

Jennifer Fraser said...

Not a bad mommy. We came when they screamed for us. You got him help. We didn't just shake the tree until he fell out like his dad suggested. So all in all, I say you made the right call.

Maybe it would've been a little better had Jesse not immediately started to climb that same tree before the firefighters even got their ladder back on their truck. Hee hee

But, ah, maybe lunch at my house next Tuesday. We have a play set but no trees at all. :o)

Glenda, saved by grace said...

The last time I climbed a tree, my husband had to call my daddy to bring his big ladder cause I couldn't get back down...Talk about embarrassing...I was about 45 when that happened.
I LOVE this post!
Glad everything is o.k.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so glad that ended well...SO GLAD.

Lee Ann said...

Good Grief!!!!

Do you wake up in the morning just wondering what exciting thing will happen today? 911 is pretty exciting!

Anonymous said...

Lol, never mind alls well that ends well and I hope the Plum Tree survived too! they are only prunes when they are dried.

Brenda Jean said...

I swear, I almost had a heart attack when I saw him in the tree in the picture. I can't imagine when you saw it for real. Wow. How the heck did he do that? Wow. I had to repeat that again. Let's hear it for the fireman!!!!

Has your blood pressure went back to normal yet?

Julie said...

wow, praise God he is okay... you sure do have lots of adventures in your small town don't you! And I still remember your little one with the fork in his nose...oh my, my husband and I STILL talk about that and cringe...

Katidids said...

Ahh! The joys of parenthood! Talk about confidence! Raising geterdone kids! So, now he has the best story for show and tell! We have a large pond in the back yard, when the kids were younger they knew in the winter when the pond was frozen to call 911 if anyone fell in....they only called once.....when the dog went in. The bill was sent to the dog, Budzilla

Mama Nut said...

Oh my heck! I would have died. Seriously, I think I would have died. Good thing you knew the firemen! And of course it's funny now that his feet are on the ground!