Saturday, August 22, 2009

What I Didn't Do This Week

I didn't:
  • Flip a single light switch up or down
  • Read any blogs
  • Read any e-mails
  • Read any FB status updates
  • Talk to anyone on any type of phone
  • Watch any movies
  • Watch any TV
  • Listen to any music
  • Drive or ride in any motorized vehicle
  • Use any appliance that required a battery or electricity
  • Stay up past 10 pm
  • Get up later than 8 am
  • Wear a bra
  • Shower
  • Put on deodorant
  • Wear any socks
  • Flush a toilet
  • Drink a single Starbucks grande iced coffee- thankyouverymuch.
  • Eat out
  • Spend any money
  • Talk to over half of my kids

So, does anyone care to guess what I did do?

Family, you are excluded.


Kat said...

Were you in the hospital??


No. Wait. They make you wear socks...

2Shaye ♪♫ said...

Hmmm. I would guess you were camping, climbing a mountain, or on an out-of-country mission trip. My medical mission trip to Mexico for a week was very similar to this, except I did buy a few bottles of pop and water while there. Hmmm, I can't wait to hear!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...


Gramma 2 Many said...

Kat, you flush toilets in hospitals, unless of course you use a bed pan or have a cathater!

Lee Ann said...

spent time in a convent?

Katidids said...

I have to go along with , In the wood camping or mission trip....and the garage thing...its nice to see others have nutty offspring!

Elena said...

Joined the Amish community? Actually, I'm going to go with the camping guessers.