Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Things First

So, while it wasn't THE first thing we did on our trip to LA, in my book it was the most important. I got to meet my blogging buddy, Julie (whom I refer to as Julieinthepurplehouse), her husband Marshall and her 3 cute kids, and also Frizzy, Bird, and Yaya. Who I only read occasionally, but who will be a regular now.

On the night of the now infamous "Couch in the Road" we met up with Frizzy at her mama's house. Thank goodness for mama's. Actually, we had suggested dinner out- you know, to make a clean escape if it was weird- but Frizzy had us come over for pizza and a swim in her mama's pool. Smart woman. She knew the girls really needed that break. The Central Valley had been over 100* all day, and according to me, "Anything over a hundred is just stupid."

So while I chatted merrily away with the adults, my children swam gleefully around in the pool hovered nervously around the edge of the pool and tried to follow the conversation, my children kept taking insane risks in 8 foot deep water. I finally put my suit on and got in the water with them. Believe it or not, I was better able to focus on conversation from inside the pool than outside.

Of course we had the requisite "Blog Buddy" picture. Princess Kat has some rules- and number 1 is, "NO HIPS". I think I would aim a little higher still.... (For me, ladies). We were laughing and being silly about who should stand in the middle. My mom, since she was the oldest, me since I was the only brunette, or Frizzy. we decided on Frizzy.

Later in the week we were graced by Julieinthepurplehouse.

We hung out at the pool and watched her children drown in the regular pool
splash around in the kiddie pool. Marshall was great. He played with the kids so we could hang out and talk while my girls drowned in the regular pool swam like little fish in the 4 foot water, surprising even me.

Then we went upstairs to our unit and had some Linner- you know, not quite lunch, not quite dinner- and hung out some more while the children tried to play hide and go seek in all three of our rooms.

It was all going well until Pocket Edward made his appearance. He got a little rowdy and we had to actually threaten to call security to have them removed from the premises a lot of fun until they decided it was time to get back on the crazy LA freeway system and head for home.


Mama Nut said...

How fun that you got to meet a bloggy buddy! I wanna play! Your description of who stands where in the photo cracked me up. I am a head-shot-only kinda woman! But working hard to become at least a from-the-waist-up kinda lady. Baby steps. No full body portraits for me in the near future! :) Glad you had a safe time and that things were not awkward!

Kat said...

Yea!! Ya'll sorta followed the rules. I met with a blogger this week too...and I have a picture that I need to post!

Isn't it fun meeting the friends from inside your computer??

Gramma 2 Many said...

It was amazing meeting with both of them. I feel we have forged a great friendship with both families.
Where we did not follow the rules was when, at 11:00 PM we followed a strange man off of the freeway to check our car and see if it were damaged more than we could see with the naked eye. God was certainly our co-pilot during the whole car fiasco.
Frizzy, I AM staying with you if there is ever a next time and you give another chance.

Elena said...

All these bloggers meeting up. SO fun to have the world be a little bit of a smaller place. I randomly thought about your couch experience earlier today and just busted up laughing. Still funny to me.

Frizzy said...

Lady, YOU CRACK ME UP! My boobs look HUGE in that picture. Not at all flattering. UGH!

Shaye said...

Oooh, I love the no hips rule. Gonna have to add that to my list. Of course, since I'm the one with the camera, I'm rarely in pictures these days.

So glad you got to meet up. OH, and I totally understand about being able to focus on conversation when I'm in the pool. It just feels safer.


Frizzy said...

I want the recipe for the plum butter please.