Friday, November 1, 2013

Since January; February

In February, Elizabeth turned 12.  She shared her birthday with her Great Grandma who would have been 92.  Every year, she and Great Grandma would do something together.  When she was tiny, Great Grandma came to her parties, and we always had a gift for Gigi, too.  As Elizabeth got older and Gigi was no longer able to travel, it evolved into lunch with Gigi and Grandma at Gigi's  house, and became extra special when I had to take her out of school to do it.
For the last two years Elizabeth, Grandma and I have made the trip to Gigi's gravesite.  Elizabeth leaves a pinwheel, since February is so blustery, and the three of us go have lunch.
I am so glad that for the years that my grandma was here, I was able to foster that special bond between them.  One day, Elizabeth will grow up.  She might not have time to have lunch with her grandma and I, and she might not want to trek out in the rain to visit a gravesite.  Until then, I treasure all of these special days.