Friday, June 15, 2012

Ebb and Flow

I saw a group of mentor-friends standing on the sidewalk of my small town today.  I waved, a great big attention getting wave, and then I went over to say "Hi".  Two of the women I knew, and they introduced me to their friend.  We chatted about what I was up to.  Last day of school, broken washer door, business, refinishing beds, and packing a kid up to go to Yellowstone.

"Well, sounds like the tide is in at your house!" The new friend said to me.
"All the way in." was my reply.

And it is.  The water is deep and I am treading it the best I can.  But, the thing about tides is that they ebb and flow.  It will go out again, and I will regroup, and I will be ready for the tide to come rushing back in, because this is life.


Unknown said...

This is a great thought! I kinda feel like someone built a damn at our house right now... Praying for the tide to go out for you and let you have a little time to prepare for the next! Love and miss you!!

Unknown said...

oh, unknown is Dana:)

Lee Ann said...

I haven't heard that expression before. I suppose there is some comfort that knowing the tide can only come so far, and then it WILL go out.