Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Cool Like That

On October 8th, Caleb turned 10.
Unfortunately, on October 8th, his sister brought home the flu. Not the swine flu, thank goodness, and not the puking flu either, but the high-fever-want-to-die flu. And she shared.
Finally, on October 25th we were able to have his party.
Being nearly Halloween, Walmart had these cool black light bulbs for a dollar.
So we decorated the house with white.
And we colored on the table with highlighters- they glow really cool!
This is what my pictures looked like when I used flash.
And this is what it looked like in real life (except the highlighters glowed much better).
We even had glow sticks to brighten up the night.
Every one left a message for the birthday boy on the table- even our baby cousin.

Here's the cake I made in keeping with the black and white theme.

Remember the cake I made last year? This time I made 7 minute frosting. I maybe should have made 5 minute frosting. It was hard. And crunchy- but no one complained.
And a very happy ten year old opened his gifts.
Of course, no party is complete without a few crazy games...
I kept trying to rescue Baby D from the middle of the chaos- but that was where he wanted to be, so I finally had to let him go and let it go.
A parting shot. I hope it isn't a lampshade in a few years!

Happy Birthday Caleb!


Jennifer Fraser said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I can't believe after all the rescheduling, and each time we were going to come, that we were sick when the party finally happened!
So, did he get enough for his kayak?

Elena said...

I thought the frosting looked extra shiney and yummy! Sounds like a good time was had by all, even though there was a wait involved!

bringing up boys said...

sorry I missed. Guess it turned out great despite the delays! cute pictures!

Lee Ann said...

So glad he finally had a fabulous party! and I lOVE 7 minute frosting - even if it should have been 5 minute frosting.

heap Rental Cars said...

Some great pictures here, although I’d have to say the fourth one down is a bit on the weak side.The party looks really gorgeous and all of you enjoy that very well...and the cake looks too much yummy..