Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Like My Kids

And I like that they like to play together.

Last Friday I had to go put out some small fires. That meant that I had to pick my kids up from VBS and run down the road about 35 minutes away. At lunchtime. We took care of business as fast as possible and then stopped at the grocery store to get lunch. In an area of town that I don't like. In a store that I didn't know. With 5 kids. Who all had to pee. And did I mention we were all hungry? I managed to get our lunch before I went on full overload and had to leave the store. With my kids wailing. Because they thought we were going to eat in the store. And I couldn't.
I did know of a nice park only a few minutes away. So I took them there. They grabbed lunch and headed for a picnic table while I chatted with a friend I saw- 35 minutes from home. They were sitting there sharing lunch when I said goodbye. When they were done with lunch, I told them I was going to set my alarm for 30 minutes and then we would have to go home. All understood. Good.
I went to check on them and this is what I saw:

My kids playing together on a previously empty merry-go-round. Laughing and squealing in delight. Attracting other children like bees to honey. Which is good. Unless the other children have "Helicopter Mothers." You know the type. They hover. Basically, they irritate me. If you are an HM- sorry, you bug me. Well, boys being boys, a little bark was thrown in brotherly competition. The HM snapped at my son to not throw bark- before I could even open my mouth! (I was 5 feet away.) I called my children over and asked them to please go do something else, because the other mother was irritating me. Yes, I told them that. She might have heard. I don't know. And I don't care.
So Jesse and Jonah went off together and the 3 middlest children went to do this:

And suddenly the merry-go-round lost all interest for the other children and sat deserted again.

I like my kids.


Kat said...

I am so not a HM. I want to sit and read. The antithesis. Love that all the kiddos want to play with yours. The ones without the HMs are the most fun :-)

Cookie said...

Hey now!!! I'm an HM!! You still love me!!

Gina said...

The difference is, that you know and love my kids. She didn't. Oh, and I still roll my eyes behind your back sometimes :O !

Lee Ann said...

Oh that makes me love your kids proud mamma you!

We have more of a HD around here. Oops...did I say that?

Maternal Mirth said...

'member the olden days when you would walk to the park by yourself while your mother was at home cleaning, cooking, laundering ... and (gasp!) no one died!?!?

Karen said...

On the other hand there are some bad CCLM's, or the Couldn't-Care-Less-Moms, who let their kids get away with EVERYTHING, including hurting other kids while annoying their siblings, or getting into everyones way. Yes- I would rather be a HM than a CCLM. And no, I'm not saying that my kids are perfect!!!!
Your kids do play well together.

Cookie said...

Yes, I remember doing lots of things by myself...I guess I never died and I did turn out okay! My mom was in a whole 'nother world! If was dark then they worry!lol

Lula! said...

I am not a HM either. I'm the mother going, "Oh...are you bledding? No? You're fine...let mommy have some adult time, please. LOVE YOU!" I always tell them I love them, which makes me feel better for shooing them off, as well as makes them feel better while I'm shooing them off. Ha-ha.

I like your kids, too...I just know I do.